Institutional membership

If you work for an organization or department where several people work on ecosystem services or if your organization that likes to support ESP, you should consider an institutional membership. Institutional membership is open to any public or private organization involved in the science, policy and practice of ecosystem services. Besides the individual membership benefits, institutional members can get additional benefits depending on the membership level they choose. Additional benefits entail number of representatives, free registration and other benefits at ESP regional and global conferences.

Among our institutional members, we have research institutes, governmental departments, consultancies NGO’s and community-based groups.



  • The opportunity to display the organization on the partners webpage. The organization’s profile includes a logo, link to the website and contact person details
  • Two employees can be appointed as representatives for their organization, who automatically become full Individual ESP member without additional costs
  • Next to the two free members, all other employees of the institutional member can become an Individual member with 50% reduction on the regular fee
  • Rent an exhibition booth at the ESP conferences at a reduced rate

The institutional member’s two representatives are entitled to all the rights of an individual member, including:

  • Full access to all online material including publications, funding opportunities & databases
  • The opportunity to join ESP working groups
  • The opportunity to join the ESP national networks and regional chapters
  • Unlimited access to all features of the ESP member portal
  • Reduced fees for ESP conferences and training courses
  • Significant reduction on the Elsevier Journal ‘Ecosystem Services’ (€34/year)
  • Discount on the One Ecosystem Journal of 10%.
  • Facilitation in developing collaborations and joint project proposals
  • The right to post announcements on the news, events and vacancies webpage, at no charge.
  • The right to organize activities such as discussion groups and workshops under the ESP banner
  • The right to vote on partnership matters, such as electing Steering Committee members
  • The right to be nominated as a member of the ESP Steering Committee.


ESP membership fees depend on the chosen membership type and your eligibility for reductions.


The institutional membership fees are progressively scaled according to the size of an organization, which is based on the number of employees. It is possible to register only the sub-unit that (mainly) works on ecosystem services. This can be for example, a chair group, department or research unit.

Size of organization
(# of employees)
Full institutional
membership fee
 < 10 € 125
 10 – 25 € 250
26 – 50 € 500
51 – 100 € 750
101 – 250 € 1000
251 – 500 € 1500
501 – 1000 € 2000
> 1000 € 3000

50% reduction on institutional membership fees apply to organizations from low-income and lower-middle-income countries*.

* We offer reduced membership fees to individuals and organizations from low-income and lower-middle-income countries. ESP uses the World Bank classification of countries according to income, making a distinction between high and low income countries. Visit the World Bank country page for a complete overview.