Republic of Korea

Welcome to the official webpage of the Republic of Korea ESP national network. If you would like to visit this network’s discussion board, please click here (members only).

Lead team

If you are interested in becoming a member of the lead team, please contact the current lead team members.
If you are interested in becoming a member of this national network, please click here.

Introduction & Objectives Republic of Korea

More comprehensive information on introduction & objectives will be added soon. Click here to go to the page of the Korea Ecosystem Services Network(KESNet).

Activities & Outputs Republic of Korea

The network will implement the following activities to maintain ecosystem services and accomplish benefit-sharing through preserving ecosystems and biodiversity:

  1. Building capacity, creating knowledge, and raising awareness –  A KESNet Assembly meeting, an annual conference and Trainings in May in collaboration with ESP
  2. Assisting to improve policies and institutions
  3. Planning, surveying, assessing, and research
  4. Sharing benefits and promoting payment for ecosystem services
  5. Collaborating between South-North Korea and internationally –  DMZ Global Trust for Peace and Biodiversity
  6. Other duties assigned by the general assembly of KESNet