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Lead team

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Introduction and objectives

The aim of the Serbian Ecosystem Services Partnership (SESP) is to bring interested parties together in a platform which applies ES to developments and decisions in society that not only affect people but also nature and biodiversity. As such the SESP strives to provide policy and decision makers, managers of protected areas (PA) and national parks (NP), NGOs, academics, concerned citizens, etc. with the framework and tools needed to make the case for sustainable management and use of land and natural resources; to protect and conserve nature and biodiversity; and to educate decision makers and the wider public on the uses that ecosystems provide to society. Click here to read more.

Activities and outputs

4 -5 October 2012: Two day training on the socio-economic benefits of Natura2000 areas in Sremski Karlovci.
The goal of the training was to provide 25 participants from academia, local government, NGOs and management of PAs and NPs an introduction on how to valuate the socio-economic benefits of Natura2000 areas. Central to this training was the concept of ecosystem services. The first day consisted out of presentations on ES and on how to setup a Natura2000 network area. The second day contained presentations on stakeholders inclusion and an excercise on how to identify and value ES in several areas that were either protected or designated to be protected. Despite participants’ lack of initial knowledge on the subject of ES they showed great enthousiasm and managed to creatively indentify and design an inventory of ES present in their respective areas. The training was conducted in corporation with WWF-Serbia and Young Researchers of Serbia. The training was financed by the Dutch embassy in Belgrade.