BWG 4A – Shrublands

Sub-working group of BWG 4 – Drylands


1. Introduction & Objectives

The Wood- and Shrubland ‘biome’ includes a large range of vegetation types including woodlands, savannas, shrub lands, scrublands and chaparral interleaved with one another in mosaic landscape patterns distributed along the western coasts of North and South America, areas around the Mediterranean Sea, South Africa, and Australia, jointly representing about 5% of the planets surface. Woodlands are important for the wellbeing of many millions around the world in many ways and market institutions are being put in placed to promote the flow of woodland products to the final consumers.

Objective: The objective of the Wood- & Shrubland Working Group is to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to exchange information and discuss ideas and experiences on Assessment of Ecosystem Services provided by the various types of wood- and shrublands and make the information available to a wider community of users.

2. Lead Team & Members

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3. More Information

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