Activities and Outputs SWG 9

To achieve the objectives, the main strategies will be to:

  • Maintain an active forum for discussion and sharing of information within the ESP website on ecosystem services and indigenous peoples and local communities;
  • Analyze, evaluate and share the methodologies proposed in the assessments, in order to strengthen mutually supportive exchange of information between project managers, actors, and communities involved;
  • Create workshop opportunities for discussion and analysis of major issues involving the sharing and use of information, participatory processes, and building bridges based on mutually respect and reciprocity between the scientific community and indigenous peoples and local communities, etc.;
  • Create a learning platform and communication network among indigenous peoples and local communities, scientists, NGO’s, governments and others to promote and enhance the dialogue on connecting diverse knowledge systems and ecosystem services.
  • Explore and interact with the IPBES and its Task Force on Indigenous and Local Knowledge in assessments, and with indigenous peoples and local communities own tools a and methods for assessments and community based monitoring.