SWG 6 – ES in Business

1. Introduction & Objectives

Businesses are beginning to recognize the critical importance of natural capital (NC) and the associated ecosystem services (ES) as the foundations of all economic activity. ES are sometimes a core input or output into an organisation’s production processes and all firms impact nature, directly or indirectly through their supply chains. Many compamies are starting to account for their dependencies and impacts on NC with respect to their operations, products or services. Benefits of doing so include greater transparency over supply chain security and a deeper understanding of the risks and opportunities to business continuity.

Against this background, Sectoral Working Group 5 “Ecosystem Services in Business” aims to:

  • Build a global network of researchers and practitionners working on applying the science of NC and ES in business;
  • Exchange ideas and lessons learned to develop a common understanding of research gaps, challenges and opportunities;
  • Share information on projects, events (workshop, conferences, trainign sessions, courses), papers or calls for proposals related to ES in business;
  • Provide strategic support in organising conferences, drafting papers or developing collaborations / project-based partnerships.

2. Lead Team & Members

  • Joël Houdet, African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), South Africa
  • Fonda Lewis, Institute of Natural Resources NPC, South Africa

If you would like to become a member of this working group or join the Lead team, please contact one of the members of the Lead team.

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3. More Information

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