Activities and Outputs SWG 6


Sectoral Working Group 5 “Ecosystem Services in Business”  was created in November 2014 and has started to work on:

  • Identifying research gaps in the science of NC and ES applied to business;
  • Drafiting a paper on “Natural capital accounting for business – what applications?”;
  • Collaboration opportunities on the themes of ES accounts for business, greener supply chains / procurement, ES in environmental impact assessment (including offset design), business opportunities based on ecosystem-based approaches (their roles in the supply of ES), investing in ecological infrastructure, the implications of CBD CoP 12 business decisions (e.g. on business reporting frameworks).

Recent activities

1. Ecosystem Services in Business Group working together with the Natural Capital Coalition
On November 8 2015, the Stakeholder working group Ecosystem Services in Business co-facilitated a Natural Capital Protocol workshop with the Natural Capital Coaltion (Mark Gough) and Rosimeiry Portela (Conservation International). The aim of the workshop was to get insights on a draft protocol and sector guides for better decision making including the impacts and dependencies we have on nature. The workshop included discussions on scope, structure, content and applications of the framework and practical examples trough a pilot-testing.

2. Ecosystem Services in Business session within the 8th ESP Conference
On November 10 2015, the “Ecosystem Services in Business” session took place within the main 8th ESP conference. The session aims to: Discuss the state of the art of global research and practice on the Business – Natural Capital Nexus, mainly (but not exclusively) through the lens of Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) for business; showcase case studies in key business applications / contexts; identify research gaps / needs; and make tangible links with the broader discourse on greener, more inclusive development.
Here the titles and authors of the presentations. You can contact them for access to the PowerPoints.

Name Organization Title of presentation
Joël Houdet ACTS, ALCRL – UP, ISS, Synergiz Net Natural Capital Impact: how can project-based no-net-loss approaches inform corporate accounting and reporting?
Shelley Lizzio EWT – NBBN The South African National Biodiversity and Business Network
Filipa Saldanha Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Blue Natural Capital and a sustainable business strategy in Portugal
Alistair McVittie SRUC Influences, Practices and Opportunities for Corporate Ecosystem Valuation: The Use of Ecosystem Services Valuation for Decision Making in Multinational Companies
Christine Fürst Karlsruhe Institute of Technology How to operationalize Ecosystem Services (ES) in spatial planning – Opportunities for businesses
Constant Hoogstad Endangered Wildlife Trust Eskom/Endangered Wildlife Trust partnership 1996 – 2015, working together to reduce impacts of the business on biodiversity
Fonda Lewis Institute of Natural Resources Climate change, ecosystem vulnerability, and potential business impacts in the Lesotho highlands
Anya Phelan Queensland University of Technology Evaluating Social Externalities: the Case of Coal Seam Gas Megaprojects in Queensland, Australia
Carlos Eduardo Frickmann Young Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro From private to the public: measuring the contribution of Private Nature Reserves “Salto Morato” and “Serra do Divisor” to local economies in Brazil


Work plan for 2016

Fundraising should be a priority next year for the Ecosystem Services in Business working group, there would be a way to build the community of practices by exploring opportunities with research programs like EU Horizons 2020.
Those who are keen to explore collaborative opportunities, can contact Joël Houdet.