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See below for our most recent activities and outputs. The Public Health TWG will work to help build the evidence base on the linkages between ecosystems and human health, and support communication of key messages to scientists, policy makers and stakeholders. There are already several international initiatives and work programmes that embrace ecosystem approaches to health. The ESP TWG aims to support these by collating data and expertise, and contributing to the continuing development of conceptual frameworks for ecosystem approaches to health.

Ecosystem services and human health – awareness and attitudes
First report of analysis of results from the 2014 survey by the Ecosystem Service Partnership’s Thematic Working Group on Health.
We present you the first results from our analysis of responses, for which we very much thank all contributors! The analysis was severely delayed due to technical difficulties in the organization of the analytical work. We apologize for this. We will here only briefly present you part of the results. More in depth analytical findings will be part of a scientific publication which we are working on. We will inform you about this publication once it is published. First we will briefly re-introduce the aims of the survey and the outline of questions. After that we will present you some first results.

The aim of this survey was to gain a clearer view of where and how human health perspectives are addressed by people working in the field of ecosystem services research, policy and practice (what we call the “ecosystem services community”). We hoped to gauge the degree of awareness and interest in the topic, and to better understand the needs of those who aim to address links between ecosystems and human health within their fields of work. We also wished to gain information on the main opportunities and barriers / needs and challenges.

We looked for perspectives from anyone within the ecosystem services community, not just those who work on health issues. All responses are treated confidentially and will not be attributable to individuals or to their organisation. The results are used for research only and not for any commercial purposes. On behalf of the ESP Thematic Working Group on Public Health & partners: Hans Keune, Conor Kretsch, Bram Oosterbroek, Kati Vierikko & Pim Martens.

Read about our preliminary survey results in the document below.

Analysis: C Kretsch, H Keune, B Oosterbroek