Related Networks & Projects TWG 4

Related initiative: Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services in Europe (MAES)
MAES is one of the key actions of the EU 2020 Biodiversity strategy. The initial methodological work on biophysical mapping and assessment is expected to be delivered by 2014. The work carried out by the European Union and its Member States will also contribute to the assessment of the economic value of ecosystem services, and promote the integration of these values into accounting and reporting systems at EU and national level by 2020. More information:

Related project: Mapping and assessing ecosystems and their services for policy and decision making (ESMERALDA)
ESMERALDA aims to deliver a flexible methodology to ensure the timely delivery of EU member states in relation to Action 5 of the EU Biodiversity Strategy. This methodology will build on existing projects and databases (e.g. MAES, OpenNESS, OPERAs, national studies), the Millennium Assessment (MA) and TEEB. ESMERALDA will identify relevant stakeholders and take stock of their requirements at EU, national and regional levels. ESP plays an important role in the project and severel ESP Thematic Working members are involved in the consortium.
More information: