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Members & Partners

The initiating organizations of ES-Partnership are the Environmental Systems Analysis Group (Wageningen University, the Netherlands), the Institute for Ecological Economics (Portland State University, United States of America), the Ecosystem Management Department (University of Kiel, Germany), the Centre of Environmental Management (University of Nottingham, United Kingdom) and the Salento Landscape Ecology Lab. (University of Salento, Italy). Please contact our secretariat or fill in the registration form on the Registration page if you are interested in becoming a member of the ES-Partnership.
Members of the ES-Partnership
  Institute of Natural Resources (INR)
South Africa
INR homepage
Fonda Lewis

ES Research Programme
Finnish Environment Institute
Helsinki, Finland
Syke homepage
Eeva Primmer
French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)
INRA homepage
Guy Richard
The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen, Scotland
Institute homepage
Helaina Black 
Urban and Landscape Studies
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
UCDK homepage 
Henrik Vejre

Agrifood & Env. Systems Management
University of Catania, Italy
DiGeSA homepage
Giovani Signorello
Ecosystem Sciences CSIRO 
Adelaide, South Australia
Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)
Bilthoven, the Netherlands
PBL homepage
Rob Alkemade 
Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Research on Biological Resources 
Bogotá, D.C., Colombia
Humboldt homepage
Alexander Rincon

Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, Brisbane, Australia
CEED homepage
Kerrie Wilson and Hugh Possingham
CzechGlobe - Global Change Research Centre
Department of Human Dimensions
Czech Globe homepage
David Vackár
 Earth Economics
Tacoma (WA), USA
EcoAgriculture Partners
Washington DC, USA
Louise Willemen and Christine Negra
Ecoagriculture Partners Homepage
UN Global Mechanisms
UN Convention to Combat Desertification
Rome, Italy
GM homepage / Simone Quatrini 
VITO - vision on technology
Mol, Belgium
VITO homepage
Steven Broekx 
Institute for Environmental Studies
VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
IVM homepage
Peter Verburg 

Centre for Environmental Management
University of Nottingham, UK
Marion Potschin 
DIVERSITAS International
Paris, France
Diversitas homepage
Anne-Helene Prieur-Richard
Ecological Economics Research New Zealand (EERNZ)
Massey University, New Zealand
Economics of Land Degradation
(ELD-) Initiative
Bonn, Germany
Ecosystem Management Department
University of Kiel, Germany 
Ecosystem Services Unit
University of Antwerp, Belgium
ECOBE homepage
Patrick Meire
Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD)
Wageningen, the Netherlands
FSD homepage
Sander van der Ploeg 
FUTURA - Faculty of Applied Ecology
Belgrade, Serbia
FUTURA website
Mirjana Bartula 
INBO ES Research Group
Research Institute for Nature and Forest, Belgium
INBO homepage
Francis Turkelboom 
Institute of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering
Technische Universität Darmstadt

IHWB homepage
Jochen Hack
Interessen Im Fluss
Hannover, Germany
Institute homepage
Ilke Borowski-Maaser 
Landscape Ecology Working Group
University of Vienna, Austria
University homepage
Thomas Wrbka 
Madrid Social-Ecological Systems Laboratory
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
UAM homepage
Erik Gomez
NERC Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability
University of York, UK
BESS homepage
Piran White
 University of Patras
Laboratory of Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation
Patras homepage
 Professorship of Ecological Services (PES)
University of Bayreuth, Germany
PES homepage
South East Europe Development 
Belgrade, Serbia
Zagreb, Croatia
SEEDEV homepage
Jeroen Arends
 UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Dev. and Env. Education
Univ. of the Basque Country, Spain
Centre homepage
Miren Onaindia