YESS communication channels

Among YESS members there is huge demand to exchange information and search for potential collaborators more frequently. There are a variety of ways how you can already do that. Please do take the opportunity to use all of the communication channels. Let’s look into the communication channels that YESS offers:

1) The YESS mailing list:
>> For discussions, questions, help requests, experts, etc. Simply use it for your purposes. Everyone across the YESS network will receive these messages.

2) The YESS LinkedIn board:
>> In principle the same utility as the mailing list, even though suitable for more in-depth discussion in case you want to go deeper on a particular topic.

3) The YESS page on ESP home:
>> Presentation of our network, convenors, and the active members. A good point of first contact with emails and background info available. We frequently upload meeting minutes or journal discussion outcomes here.

4)  The YESS members list:
>> This is a members list for internal network use. This interesting when you are looking for someone in your area (geographically/academically) and want to get in touch with them. Only members have access to this file. Have a look as well if any of your details have changed. You have editing rights so feel free to add new details if you like.

5) The YESS newsletter:
>> This is the address for  our newsletter team. If you have ideas for the next newsletter send them an email or even get active in designing the next edition. Also if you want to distribute a new interesting article or story, but it is not as urgent that you want to send it to everyone via the YESS mailing list, then use this email contact.

6) Also if you like to share information via Twitter please use the hashtag #YESSnews to distribute news, events, joboffers, etc.