YESS Journal Club

The YESS Journal Club is a monthly discussion on cutting-edge papers and topics related to ecosystem services. The Journal Club is coordinated by Beni Rohrbach, and you are welcome to propose topics or papers for the next discussion! If you come across any interesting publications or issues that you would like to share, please get in touch with the organisers.

The meeting is held using the instant messaging platform ZOHO. If you want to join the Journal Club for the first time, please make sure you have a ZOHO account  (it is free of charge) and either Beni or Niels added you to the group on ZOHO.

A selection of the papers that we discussed thus far were very wide spread on issues surrounding ecosystem services. We are always looking for new ideas, so why not suggest a paper for the next Journal Club? Please have a look at the earlier discussions:

Alexander et al. (2012). Interactive marine spatial planning: siting tidal energy arrays around the Mull of Kintyre.

Bulte & van Kooten (1999).
Marginal valuation of charismatic species: implications for conservation.

Carpenter et al. (2009). Science for managing ecosystem services: beyond the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment

Heal (1999). Valuing ecosystem services.

Mace et al. (2012). Biodiversity and ecosystem services: a multilayered relationship.

Metz & Weigel (2010). Key Findings From Recent National Opinion Research on “Ecosystem Services”.

Seppelt et al. (2011). Form follows function? Proposing a blueprint for ecosystem service assessments based on reviews and case studies.

Seppelt et al. (2011). A quanitative review of ecosystem services studies: approaches, shortcomings and the road ahead.

Spash et al. (2002).
Informing and forming preferences in environmental valuation: Coral reef biodiversity.

Townsend et al. (2011).
Ecosystem principles approach.

Wallace (2007).
Classification of ecosystem services: Problems and solutions.

White et al. (2011).
Ecosystem service tradeoff analysis reveals the value of marine spatial planning for multiple ocean uses.

Zucca et al. (2008).
Application of spatial multi-criteria analysis to site selection for a local park: A case study in the Bergamo Province, Italy.