BWG 5 – Mediterranean systems

1. Introduction & Objectives

It is clear that at a global level the challenges and problems of the Mediterranean climate zone do not get a lot of attention. For instance, in bodies like IPBES and CBD, biodiversity and ecosystem services data and knowledge on Mediterranean challenges are largely missing from scientific agenda’s, reports and assessments. Therefore, we are looking for ways to create more visibility and one way could be to collaborate developing Mediterranean focused papers and events that have relevancy at larger scales.

This could be achieved via many means, for instance by facilitating the inclusions of more Mediterranean case studies in international studies, by providing Mediterranean data in larger studies, but also by collaborating together in papers on selected topics.

In this perspective, we would like to use this ESP working group as a vehicle to bring experts from different disciplines and ecosystems together to start working for more visibility of Mediterranean challenges at a global level. If you are interested, we would like to invite you, to join this platform and jointly provide and discuss ideas, launch papers and organise other academic activities.

 The objective of this Working Group is to form a platform where colleagues with an interest in ecosystem services and in the Mediterranean climate zone can find each other, exchange ideas and launch collaborations for projects and papers. There are several objectives which motivate the members of this working groups in particular:

  • The possibility to propose methodological improvements to ongoing assessments and reporting efforts that can provide the inclusion of Mediterranean trends and challenges.
  • Search for some solutions for shared methodological problems regarding of the input data (e.g., data resolution, quality and finding them in the first place) or the inclusion of common Mediterranean challenges (e.g. inclusion of stakeholder diversity, specific risks such a soil erosion, fire and draughts).
  • Being able to pose open questions to a diversity of experts and start discussions and collaborations with those interested to follow up on the subject.

The discussion forum

This Working Group exchanges ideas, posts updates, form collaborations and starts paper initiatives via a Discussion platform. This discussion platform is only accessible for Working Group members via this link.

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2. Lead Team & Members

3. More Information

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