Activities and Outputs TWG 16

ESP Conference 2014: San Jose, Costa Rica
Beria Leimona: Co-investment and Rewards for Ecosystem Services at National and Local Levels
JF Le Coq: Understanding the diversity of institutions for Ecosystem Services provision: A tentative integrative conceptual framework
Sophie Ménard: Towards an institutional analysis of biodiversity offsets
Tobias Wünscher: Payments for Ecosystem Services as a mechanism to promote biodiversity conservation in a Green Economy: Potentials and Limitations
Claas Meyer: Design rules for successful governmental: taking agri-environmental measures in Germany as an example
Katharina Biely: Underlying economic concepts of the Economics of Land Degradation Initiative: an example of good collaboration between two different schools of thought?
Fiorella Salas Pinel: Providing ES: socioeconomic and environmental criteria to quantify
Raes, L.: Diversity of economic instruments to finance environmental service provision and sustainable land-uses: A transaction cost economics perspective
Oscar J. Abelleira: Linking ecosystem service tradeoffs with perceived benefits from reforestation in seasonally dry Costa Rica to inform PES
Pedro Zúñiga Mora: Exploring tools and mechanisms for the building of a resilient landscape
Sean Kennedy: The process and politics of natural rubber eco-certification
Fernando Saenz-Segura: Ecosystem services in local development process: a case study in two cantons of Costa Rica
Bernardo Aguilar-González: Ecosystem Services and Mangrove Conservation: Community-Based Models as a Prevailing Institutional Form
Abigail Fallot: Coordination challenges for the provision of ecosystem services within strategies of climate change adaptation: a participatory modeling experience in rural territories of Latin America
Takahiro Ota: Why fishermen cannot get income from both the catch and ES management: A Japanese case of PES in the coastal area
Patricia San Miguel: Characteristics and Determinants for Local Participation in Payment for Agri-environmental Services Program in Citarum Basin, Indonesia
Beria Leimona: Reporting from ESP Working Group Workshops: Short Presentation of Workshop OutcomesESP Conference 2013: Bali, Indonesia
Beria Leimona: Short Presentation for ESP Conference Session 34. The multiple paradigms involved in payments for, and coinvestment in, ecosystem services’ application and policy at national levels
Sara Namirembe: Short Presentation of ESP Thematic Working Group 10: Co-investment, rewards and payment for ecosystem services: progress from the field
Caroline D. Piñon: Initiating Co-investment and Rewards for Environmental Services in Bukidnon province, southern Philippines
Flerence Milan: Transaction cost of smallholder farmers’ participation in forest management: Policy implications on PFES schemes in Vietnam
Jan Volland: Combining land-use modelling and environmental psychology: Analysing ecosystem services and their values in the German State of Hesse
Krishnan Devika: Development of an Innovative Payment Mechanism for Forest Environmental Services: Watershed Protection
Rachmat Hafiz: The Implementation of Equitable Payment for Watershed Services Project in Mendalam Sub Catchments, Upper Kapuas Basin of West Kalimantan – Indonesia
Vanesa Rodriguez Osuna: The economics of watershed services in the Guapi-Macacu region of Rio de Janeiro, Atlantic Forest Biome

ESP Conference 2012: Portland, United States
Beria Leimona: Reconciling Multiple Ecological Knowledge for Rewarding Watershed Services in the Uplands of Indonesia
Drew Bennet: Local Ecosystem Services Marketplace: Public Utilities as Development Drivers
Heidi Huber-Stearns: Linking upstream and downstream priorities through an institutional perspective: A catalog and typology of incentive-based watershed programs in the western United States
Martin Persson: Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES): Understanding the Determinants of Impact and Behavioral Responses to Policy Intervention
Meine van Noordwijk: Payments for Environmental Services: evolution toward efficient and fair inventives for multifunctionla landscapes
Runsheng Yin: Designing and Implementing Payments for Ecosystem Services Programs: Lessons learned from China’s Cropland Restoration Experience
Sindhu Prasad Dhungana: Payment or participation? Connecting ecosystem commons and communities in Nepal
Thumeka Mdlazi: Unlocking Private Sector Investments thru the Land User Incentive Programme (LUI)