TWG 6 – Integrated valuation of ES

1. Introduction & Objectives

Our vision: A world where the multitude of values of nature held by peoples is respected, where natural resources are used within local and planetary boundaries and where benefits and burdens from the use of nature are equitably spread within and across societies and generations.

Our objective: The objective of this TWG is to promote principles of strong sustainability and environmental justice in valuation methodologies, advance the science and practice of ecosystem service valuation, and create awareness on the social, ecological, and economic implications of valuation choices.

Any decision-making involves choices and trade-offs, consciously or sub-consciously. To make balanced and transparent decisions, as much information as possible about all the trade-offs involved is essential.

The values of nature, its benefits and good quality of life can be expressed in many ways. Trade-offs often occur between different types of values. These trade-offs cannot be captured with single-value perspectives. Monetary, non-monetary, qualitative, quantitative, legal institutions, ethical norms, … Value Integration deals with the methodological challenge of consistently combining a diversity of value systems in resource use decisions, aiming at making decisions more transparent.

2. Lead Team & Members

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Our working group is organized as horizontal and informal as possible.

3. More Information

The TWG was founded at the Bali 2012 conference from two special sessions on sustainability and justice issues, and intense nightly debates.

We have had very productive and interactive sessions at the Costa Rica 2013, South Africa 2015 and Antwerp 2016 conferences, and have built a close partnership with the Integrated Valuation working package of the FP7 OpenNESS project, delivering lead authors for IPBES assessments and support units, linking up with Future Earth’s program on Ecosystem change and Society, etcetera.

The group has been growing steadily every year, and the topic of integrated valuation is now percolating in important initiatives such as the IPBES assessment valuation guidelines.

Researchers from different disciplines, be it economists, ecologists, political scientists, lawyers, etc. are realizing that we need to solve the integration challenge rather than focusing on weaknesses of each other’s’ methods. Integrated Valuation is becoming mainstream, as more and more engaged researchers realize that where problems are complex, so will the solutions be.

The working group has been leading a special issue on integrated valuation in the Ecosystem Service Journal, and some of our members are publishing highly relevant papers continuously, engaging in complex and sometimes difficult case studies, and working hard to move the field.

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