TWG 10 – ES in Trade-off analysis & Project evaluation

1. Introduction & Objectives

The capacity of landscapes to concurrently provide multiple ecosystem services is inherently limited and trade-offs occur when one ecosystem service is enhanced at the expense of another. If trade-offs are not acknowledged and identified within a thorough analysis, the effectiveness of any response policy for their management can be potentially impaired. Therefore, impact assessment and trade-off analysis among various types of ecosystem services present a cornerstone of sustainable landscape planning and decision-making. Nevertheless, most land use change decisions are based on incomplete information about the consequences for the involved ecosystems, their services and their effects on human wellbeing. Better tools are therefore needed to capture all the trade-offs involved in land use change and project evaluation, including the economic effects now only partially captured by conventional cost-benefit analysis.

Objective: This working group focuses on the development of tools and guidelines to include information on ES capacity and values in project evaluation and decision making, including among others (expanded) Benefit-Cost Analysis, MCA, MCDA  or more complex Decision Support System-tools such as InVEST, ARIES, BBN, etc.

2. Lead Team & Members

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3. More Information

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