Internship position on ecosystem services

Internship opportunity on the subject Analysis of the spatial elements influencing the provision of ecosystem services within the Scarpe-Escaut Regional Natural Park at the French National Institute for Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture (Irstea).

As part of an ongoing PhD, a capacity matrix has been realised in the Scarpe-Escaut Regional Natural Park in 2016. Based on this matrix and a regional mapping, this study allows the mapping of services Ecosystem provided by different types of land use.  The research team would like to identify the elements and characteristics of the environment that modulate the capacity to provide ecosystem services. And use this to adjust the capacity matrix scores in space.

Proposed steps for the internship:

  • Bibliography and assimilation of the notions and the method
  • Appropriation of the method and the landscape elements (Hermann et al., 2013)
  • Determine a list of landscape elements from the literature
  • Determine the impact of landscape elements on ecosystem services based on the literature and experts’ elicitations
  • Retrieve data from indicators of available landscape elements
  • Participate in a workshop with local experts in order to acknowledge the spatial variability of ES
  • Mapping of spatial data and quantification of the influence of these elements on ecosystem services
  • Analysis and report writing.

Candidate profile:

  • Student in Master degree in geography or ecology
  • Fluent in English
  • Knowledge in French would be better for local and practical  integration
  • Knowledge and experience in GIS software (Arcgis ou Qgis),
  • Knowledge on the notion of ecosystem services

Internship’s details:

5 to 6 months in IRSTEA Aix, Aix-en-Provence (France). A monthly grant of 500€ based on the French regulation for internships. The institute does not provide accommodation. It is required that this internship is part of a university program.

For more information:

Download the full vacancy description.

Contact Philip ROCHE ( AND Sylvie CAMPAGNE (

Application deadline: 31st March, 2017

The beginning of the internships is flexible depending of the selected intern but the preference is May 2017