Ecosystem service valuation database

On this page you find the TEEB Valuation Database. It is made available as an Excel-file together with the database report, two TEEB chapters and a short introduction for users.

The Excel file includes 4 worksheets: 1) Front; 2) Introduction; 3) Variables; 4) The database.
The Front describes the authors, copyrights and the acknowledgements. The Introduction worksheet the selected values and a short user manual are described. The accompanying report describes the methods, content, variables and values in more detail.


Within the context of the TEEB-project (2008-2010) the authors of the global overview of the “Estimates of monetary values of ecosystem services”, supported by many ESP-members (esp. the Biome Expert leads) and TEEB researchers developed a database on monetary values of ecosystem services which now contains over 1350 data-points from over 300 case studies. After the release of the TEEB Valuation Database in 2010, the authors continued to develop the database, both in terms of content and design, under the name “Ecosystem Services Valuation Database” (ESVD). This database will be developed further as one of the main ESP activities, in close collaboration with the biome expert group, the valuation thematic working group, the Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership and the Ecosystem Valuation Toolkit (Earth Economics).

We allow use for non-commercial, non-profit and educational purposes and would like to stimulate incorporation in science, education, ecosystem management and policy making. We have made the report and the database publically available and allow use for public and non-commercial work. Reports should at least be made publicly available and use correct citation (also for the development of the science and use of this and other ecosystem service valuation databases). In addition we would like to hear from you if you use the Database for publication or education. In the near future we will also add the publications in which have use the database and create a user network.

Download the database

Development and contact
The database is continuously under development. We welcome your feedback to improve the Excel file. For more information or suggestions for improvement, please contact the ESP Secretariat.

Suggested citations

The actual database
Van der Ploeg, S. and R.S. de Groot (2010) The TEEB Valuation Database – a searchable database of 1310 estimates of monetary values of ecosystem services. Foundation for Sustainable Development, Wageningen, the Netherlands.

The FSD report on the database (including appendices)
Van der Ploeg, S., R.S. De Groot and Y. Wang (2010) The TEEB Valuation Database: overview of structure, data and results. Foundation for Sustainable Development, Wageningen, the Netherlands.

TEEB D0 report Appendix 3
De Groot, R.S., P. Kumar, S. van der Ploeg and P. Sukhdev (2010) Estimates of monetary values of ecosystem services. Appendix 3 in: Kumar, P. (editor) (2010). The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity: Ecological and Economic Foundations. ISBN 9781849712125, Earthscan, London, UK

TEEB-D0 report Chapter 1
De Groot, R.S., et al. Integrating the ecological and economic dimensions in biodiversity and ecosystem service valuation. In: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity: Ecological and Economic Foundations. Edited by Pushpam Kumar. Earthscan, London and Washington. Pp. 9-40 (2010)