The ESP Oceania Region covers Australia, New Zealand and the countries and territories of the Pacific Islands making up Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. This region aligns with the IUCN Oceania Region. A snapshot of the region can be found on the IUCN website.

The Oceania Chapter of the ESP is currently under development.

Oceania Regional Chapter Lead Team:

This position is currently vacant – for regional balance a Co-Lead is sourced from the small island states in Oceania. Please contact Simone Maynard for more information on this position.

Active National ESP Networks:

  • Australia: This network is Co-Chaired by Simone Maynard and Neville Crossman. It is still in its preliminary stages of development.
  • New Zealand: This network is Chaired by Michael Townsend. It is still in its preliminary stages of development.

If you are interested in establishing a national network in this region please contact Dolf de Groot.

Project News:

Please contact us to upload news relating to your ecosystem services project in Oceania.

  • Australia 21 has been active in promoting ecosystem services in Australia for sometime. Through high-level stakeholder workshops, a draft National Ecosystem Services Strategy for Australia was developed. Here is a link to the Australia 21 ecosystem services project.


Please contact us to upload publications relating to your ecosystem services research in Oceania.

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