TWG 1 – ES Assessment frameworks & Typologies

1. Introduction & Objectives

In spite of the large amount of publications on ecosystem services assessment frameworks, and the definition of the ecosystem services concept (eg. MA 2005, TEEB 2010, and many others) there is still debate about the ‘final’ typology of ecosystem services and ‘best practice’ approaches for putting the concept into practice for the sake of ecosystem conservation and sustainable use. In fact, there is a growing community of critics who claim the concept is counter-productive.
Some issues addressed by this Working Group include:

  • What Ecosystem Services Assessment (ESA) Framework is most suitable as guidance to integrated assessment of ecosystem services, and their values, in decision-making at all scale-levels (or are different Frameworks needed under different circumstances)?
  • Is there a ‘final’ definition and typology of ecosystem services that covers all benefits human society derives from ‘nature’ (and avoids possible mis-use) or are different classifications needed depending on the policy case and trade-offs involved?

Objective: Recognizing that there may not be a ‘final’ answer or solution to these questions, this ESP Thematic Working group aims to provide a Platform for discussion in close collaboration with all other ESP Working Groups and Lead Teams, whereby TWG1 will synthesize the information into Discussion papers that will be shared with the wider ESP membership and discussed at ESP conferences and meetings.

2. Lead Team & Members

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3. More Information

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