Sectoral Working Groups

ESP currently hosts five sectoral working groups (SWG’s). They focus on the relation between ecosystem services and specific sectors / users such as tourism, (agro-)forestry, fisheries, food production, pharmaceutical industry, energy sector, indigenous peoples, local communities and the conservation community. SWG members exchange information, discuss ideas and experience, and make this information available to a wider community of users.


Activities of Sectoral Working Groups

  • Collect, synthesize and exchange information on the WG theme to advance the science and application on that topic.
  • Stimulate collaboration between the main organizations involved with the WG Theme.
  • Organize workshops during ESP- regional and global conferences or other events.
  • Publish (joint) papers
  • Develop guidelines for Ecosystem Services Assessment.
  • Contribute to international assessments e.g. TEEB National studies, Sub Global Assessment (follow-up MA), IPBES.
  • Contribute to international assessments such as TEEB National studies, Sub Global Assessment and IPBES.

Join an ESP sectoral working group

  • Contact the thematic working group lead team, or the biome working group cluster coordinator.
  • If you wish to initiate a new thematic working group please contact Dolf de Groot.
  • Joining a sectoral working group requires ESP membership.

The following Sectoral Working Groups are currently active:


If you are interested to become active in coordinating a SWG please contact Dolf de Groot.