Biome Working Groups

ESP currently hosts eight biome working groups (BWG’s): they work on the entire biome or are split in subgroups that work on specific ecosystems only. BWG members exchange information, discuss ideas and experience, and make this information available to a wider community of users.

Activities of Biome Working Groups

  • Facilitate information exchange on services and values of specific ecosystems/biomes, discuss typology issues and conduct meta-analysis.
  • Contribute to the Ecosystem Service Value Database (ESVD).
  • Contribute to the development of a Global Network of field sites. These field sites are used to collect data, test hypothesis and guidelines; and communicate results to ES users, providers and policy makers.
  • Organize workshops during ESP- regional and global conferences or other events.
  • Publish (joint) papers
  • Develop guidelines for Ecosystem Services Assessment.
  • Serve as a Review Committee for SERVES (Simple and Effective Resource for Valuing Ecosystem Services.
  • Contribute to international assessments such as TEEB National studies, Sub Global Assessment and IPBES.

Join an ESP biome working group

  • Contact the biome working group lead team, or the biome working group cluster coordinator.
  • If you wish to initiate a new biome working group please contact Dolf de Groot.
  • Joining an biome working group requires ESP membership

ESP biome working groups