List of members

The working group’s LeaD Team consists of Alexander van Oudenhoven and Matthias Schröter. Active members include:


  • Mahbubul Alam
  • Joachim Maes
  • Christian Albert
  • Berta Martín-López
  • Patty Balvanera
  • Felix Müller
  • Olaf Bastian
  • Slavisa Popovic
  • Anne Boehnke-Henrichs
  • Alanna Rebelo
  • Julie Clarke
  • Roy Remme
  • Evangelia Drakou
  • Odirilwe Selomane
  • Ilse Geijzendorffer
  • Josef Settele
  • Karsten Grunewald
  • Joachim Spangenberg
  • Camino Liquette
  • Jan Staes
  • Karin Hansen
  • David Vačkář
  • Sander Jacobs
  • Peter van Bodegom
  • Hermann Klug
  • Wouter van Reeth

Are you keen to actively contribute to this working group? We are interested in your thoughts on this working group, our updated aims and focus and how you think you could contribute. Please contact us at and Please explain how you would like to contribute to the group. We might then add you to the list of interested people.

NOTE: if you haven’t done so, do not forget to register as an ESP user online here: this will make sure we can find and reach you. In addition, please consider becoming an ESP member. First, because this network needs support by paying members in order to be able to operate, and second because certain outputs and benefits will in the near future be limited to ESP members only.