ESP offers interested parties many opportunities to become a partner in order to enhance the ecosystem services application and knowledge. Collaborating with ESP means easy access to our large worldwide network in the field of ecosystem services and ecosystem services knowledge. More than 2500 people receive our monthly Update and we have over 300 active members who interact with each other through our membership portal and during the ESP conferences.

As an open and independent partnership of scientists, policy makers, and practitioners we offer several ways to partner up and collaborate with us:

  • Become a member organisation: by becoming a member organisation you are entitled to many member organisation benefits. Please click here to read more about these benefits.
  • Sponsorship of (one of) our conferences: sponsorship of the conference enables you to reach out to a targeted audience of scientists, policy makers and practitioners in our field. Please click here to read more about the sponsorship opportunities.
  • Services: ESP offers many services to  ‘clients’ on a cost-recovery or remuneration basis, including trainings, workshops, databases and knowledge products, toolkits, etc. Please check the Services page for more information.
  • Conferences: we organise international ESP conference on a bi-annual bases, and ‘regional’ ESP conference targeted on specific continents every other year. ESP is open to partnering up with public or private sector conference organisers to organise parallel events during a yet established event, or co-create a conference. Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating in events and or conferences.
  • Projects and consultancy: as we have extensive knowledge about ecosystem services, you can always consult us in case of any consultancy and/or project related assignments. As we work with a not-for-profit intention, we can deliver high quality results relatively affordable.

Feel free to check our current member organisations, partners, and related networks.