The Elsevier Journal Ecosystem Services (ECOSER) is officially associated with ESP with Leon Braat as Editor in Chief, Robert Costanza and Rudolf de Groot as Topic and co-founding Editors, and many core-ESP members on the Editorial Board.

Reduced ECOSER subscription for ESP Members
One of the many benefits of an ESP membership is a reduced subscription to the electronic journal Ecosystem Services. As of 2016, paying ESP members can sign up for 34€/year. If you are already a member, please see our ECOSER subscription page for more information on how to subscribe with the reduced price.


The International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management (IJBESM) aims to improve our understanding of the role of biodiversity in providing ecosystem services and the management systems needed to maintain biodiversity and achieve sustainable use of ecosystem services. The Editor-in-Chief (Dolf de Groot), the Managing Editors (Alexander van Oudenhoven, Matthias Schröter) and several Associate Editors and Editorial Board Members are active ESP members. IJBESM is fully open access.

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ESP members will get a 15% discount on the article publication fee.

One Ecosystem

One Ecosystem Journal focuses on the fields of ecology and sustainability. It is an innovative open access scholarly journal that goes beyond the conventional research article publication. The journal is open for submissions ranging across the entire research cycle, including data, models, methods, workflows, results, software, perspectives and policy recommendations.

Discount for ESP members
ESP members get an additional 10% discount of the discounted prices in the first year.

Editorial Board

  • Dr. Benjamin Burkhard, Editor-in Chief
  • Joachim Maes, Deputy Editor-in-Chief
  • Davide Geneletti, Deputy Editor-in-Chief
  • Pavel Stoev, Managing Editor

Other Journals

Several other journals are closely linked to ESP, including:

Other Journals that publish on Ecosystem Services

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