ESP Asia Regional Office

The ESP Asia Regional Office is established in Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea due to active support by the Gyeonggi provincial government and Asian ESP members after the inaugural ESP Asian Regional Conference in 2016. The Asia Office is located close to DMZ (demilitarized zone between South and North Korea), resonating the meaning of “Nature for Peace” in transboundary areas.


Major Activities

  • ESP Asian Partnership: The Asian ES Partnership will be strengthened through data-sharing and cooperative projects among ESP members.
  • ES Training & Capacity Building: In collaboration with GIZ, ESP has conducted training and capacity building programs during ESP conferences. We will further develop ES curriculum and support collaborative trainings to meet the demands of local policy makers and practitioners.
  • “Nature-based Solution” Demo-Projects: To maintain ecosystem services between nature and human and also to achieve sustainable development in our society, we promote “nature-based solutions” and implement integrated ES approaches in collaboration with different stakeholders.
  • ES Fund Raising: To support the acquisition and long-term ecosystem management of critically important biological areas, endangered species habitats and ecological corridors, we initiate PES mechanism and raise ES Fund linked to local projects.


The iEB (interim Executive Board), iGB (initiating Governing Board) and IAB (International Advisory Board) are being organized and will be announced later. During the next ESP Asian Regional Conference, the new election will be conducted in 2018.



International Workshop on Applying ES for Transboundary Nature Management, 13-15  June 2017
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MOU with Gyeonggi Provincial Government, 23 Sept 2016

MOU with Chungnam Provincial Government, 23 Sept 2016

ESP Asia Regional Office Vision Forum, 22 Sept 2016
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ESP Asian Regional Conference, May-June 2016



Address: Email:
2F, DMZ Ecotourism Support Center
153 Imjingak-ro,
 Munsan-eup,  Tel:
 Paju-si,  +82-(0)70-8887-3000
 Republic of Korea, 10808

The office welcomes young professionals who would like to conduct their ES research in Asia and supports data and information sharing to improve nature-based solutions.



ESP Asia Regional Office Flyer

International workshop Flyer